Staying in “The Zone”

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Once in a while it seems like everything is going our way. Even if we encounter challenges they are small and easy to deal with, which makes feel even more in control. Sometimes these periods last for weeks, even months, other times only a few days. However the feeling they give us is like an elixir, lofting our spirits, confidence, and self esteem. Then suddenly without warning the feeling is gone. What changed? How can we get back into the grove?

Perhaps everyone is different and the trigger to place us in “The Zone” as it is sometimes called may be different for each of us. There does seem to be some commonality of events, which makes us, feel elated, at least for a while. Often the feeling is a carry over from our personal lives. It seems like those who are happiest in their personal life have an extra coat of amour to defect attacks in the workplace. It seems to fortify their self-esteem and thus boosts their confidence. Making it easier to keep their perspective when events begin to go astray.

Others seem to fuel themselves on adversity. The tougher the situation the resilient they become. It is as if dealing with challenges is a game that supercharges their sense of self-worth and invigorates their confidence. It as if. the challenge triggers their most primitive survival instincts. They feel physically stronger and mentally more alert.

There are third set who seem to swing in an out of “The Zone” for no special reason. It as if they were on a ride at an amusement park where there is a circular track of predicable highs and lows, and like the coasted they follow the rises and falls, which seem to have not real triggers at all. It almost like they say to themselves, I have felt mediocre long enough and switch to either a happy euphoric mood or a more subdued mood as events rise and fall like a rhythmic tide.

If have tried to keep track of things which change my mood. I don’t keep a journal, but I do make a point of discovering what changes my mood. In most cases what puts me into a good mood is an accumulation of successes. They do not have to be major, just something that makes me feel like I have some control. Conversely a series of negative random and unexpected events beyond my control tend to lessen my mood. However, the better my mood the more I can withstand before succumbing to negativity.

Although my moods seem both good and bad seem to be triggered by events, I am convinced it is my reaction to the events that impacts my mood. For example when I get a flat tire it has much more impact on me than when it is someone I am riding with gets a flat. The inconvenience is the same, and I usually end up changing the tire, but my mind sees it differently. I guess because it is not my car it is not my problem.

I do think there are a lucky few who can control their moods. For the rest of us we need to keep searching for the answer. One thing for sure the more positive and confident we can keep our thinking the longer more we can enjoy the feeling that comes with being in “The Zone

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