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I am thankful for the invitation from Career Press to review David Harder’s book The Workplace Engagement Solution.

David Harder’s book The Workplace Engagement Solution addresses one of the most perplexing problems in the workplace today: how to keep employees engaged and focused at work. The first sentence of Chapter vividly frames the issue. “According to Gallup’s most recent global engagement survey, only 13 percent of the world’s workers are engaged.” A very shocking statistic! Just imagine how productivity would skyrocket if we could increase the percentage of the workforce who are engaged in their work.

Fortunately in the pages of The Workplace Engagement Solution, David frames the issue and it’s causes; and then offers viable solutions to implementing and maintaining employee’s engagement their organization’s mission.

The issue of workplace engagement affects all of us in someway. Perhaps, as I have experienced, we are in a position that does not fit our interests, training, or skills. The result is that we go through the motions, but lack the passion and drive to our best work. Clearly we fit the David’s definition of working in a trance. Prior to automation, assembly line workers were assigned simple repetitive tasks along the assembly line. In essence they became part of the machinery mindlessly performing their memorized tasks. One would think that they would become flawless in their performance, but the exact opposite happened. Both productivity and quality suffered as employees did their tasks while thinking of something else. Most of us have experience this phenomenon when driving long distances. We can drive for miles while thinking of everything under the sun, and our minds drive the car as if on autopilot. How many accidents could be avoided if we all paid attention to the road?

The Workplace Engagement Solution provides examples and techniques of how to engage the workforce that may be implemented at every level. From the employee to the CEO there are workable solutions and recommendations to eliminate the root causes of workplace disengagement. David Harder has 25 years experience and has [h]elped more than 42,000 professionals transform their relationship with their work. Thousands of them have launched new careers. Thousands have become business owners for the first time. Even more have become far more efficient and happier in their existing careers.] David has adapted his engagement skills from the individual to the organization. Although workplace engagement ultimately rests with the individual, the organization’s culture has a lot to do with developing employee engagement at every level.

This a must read for individuals who feel stuck in their jobs; HR and managers who want to build a more productive and efficient workforce; and CEOs who want to transform their organizations into leaders in their industry. There is something for all who want to move ahead in their career.

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Title: The Workplace Engagement Solution

Author: David Harder

Publisher: CAREER PRESS INC, Wayne NJ

Pages: 192

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