Keeping a neat office

Mar 18th, 2012 | By | Category: Career advice

Spring-cleaning can include more than just tidying up your work area. It is a good opportunity to reorganize your work. Often we develop some very sloppy work habits, which appear inefficient. I always marveled at those who could a extremely neat and well organized work area. The only papers on their desks are those currently being worked on. On the other hand my desk had several different project files lying open around my office, and my office was not the worst.

Then I was assigned a task, which required handling documents containing classified documents. There are some very stringent rules when handling classified information. One is the files must be locked in a secure filing cabinet when not in use. The rules for controlling classified information are rigorously enforced, and violations could be cause to loose your security clearance.

Once I got in the habit of placing files in the proper cabinet when not in use, it became second nature. The results were not only a neater office, but the chances of mixing files together were reduced substantially. If you have ever had to search for a misfiled document, you can appreciate the value of having only one file open at a time.

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