Book Review FEARLESS GROWTH by Amanda Setili

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I am thankful for the invitation from Career Press to review Amanda Setili’s book FEARLESS GROWTH

There are few problems we face in the workforce as perplexing as personal growth and helping our organization grow. In many instances our personal growth depends on how we help grow the organization.

Luckily Amanda Setili’s new book FEARLESS GROWTH applies equally to both. If we learn to enhance the growth of our organization we will simultaneously enhance our careers by growing increasingly more valuable.

Most of us realize that to stay relevant we have to stay ahead of the curve, but how do you keep your self and your organization on the leading edge when things are changing so fast? In her new book “FEARLESS GROWTH”, Amanda Setili develops seven rules for achieving growth. By applying Amanda’s seven rules organizations can dig out of the “This is the way we’ve always done it” rut and get on a solid path to remedy what has been holding them back and implementing new ways of growing.

The seven rules are far reaching on the impact they can have on an organizations culture and operating procedures. Amanda explains each of the rules in detail, and gives real life examples of how to adapt and implement the concepts into your organization. In addition, Amanda describes the barriers to growth, and how to recognize and identify those areas that are holding you back. Once identified, Amada provides guidance on which rule to apply and suggestions on how to apply it.

Last week, when I was almost finished reading FEARLESS GROWTH, I had occasion visit with a young digital marketing executive who works for a privately owned business. At the recent all hands meeting there was a discussion regarding the company loosing money for the first time since it’s inception. As we talked it was like reading one of the examples from Amanda’s book. I mostly listened, and asked questions to keep the conversation on track. When she finished it was my turn to give some encouragement and advice. I told her I was reading on Amanda Setilt’s book FEARLESS GROWTH and it addressed many of the issue she and the company were facing. We talked about the seven rules for growth and how she could make suggestions to address the major fact the company was focused on a declining product that was fast becoming a commodity. We discussed ways the company could shift its focus to other products that were still lucrative, but had all but fallen off the sales staff radar because of the owner’s insistence that the road back to profitability was by increasing resources toward the declining product.   I actually went and got my copy of FEARLESS GROWTH and we looked at the seven rules and discussed how she may present them to the VP and the owner to refocus on their more profitable products. It was a really good meeting, and my client left with several ideas and a promise to get a copy of Amanda’s book. (I thought about giving her my copy it had just proved to be a very valuable resource, one I will use often)

When I started my career and it still continues today is how to present my suggestions and ideas in a way that is both appropriate and will be noticed. This was part of the conversation I had with my client. Directing the organizational focus is a little outside the duties of the Marketing Manager. Through discussion and examples Amanda presents ideas and suggestions of how each of the seven rules may be presented in a non-threatening manner to gain acceptance at all levels. I highly recommend FEARLESS GROWTH for all who are interested in their organizations and careers. I have already used my copy as a resource and have several pages bookmarked with notes.

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Author: Amanda Setili

Publisher: CAREER PRESS INC, Wayne NJ

Pages: 256

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