About The PracticaL Mentor

My name is Paul Marrangoni and I have over 40 years of professional experience.  It took me a long time to learn that one key to success is having someone who will give good advice. My career has  switched back and forth between management and employee status as new opportunities were presented.  Some were good moves others were not.  As a self-study on workplace dynamics I have accumulated a wealth of observations, insights and knowledge that I would like to pass along. Although recently retired, I still have an interest in learning more about mentoring and workplace dynamics.

I have a life coach certificate and also a lot of life experience.  I lost my dad when I was 11, and my mom and five siblings were left in dire straights.  I more or less had to make it on my own, so I started working when I was 12.  My biggest mistake of my high school days was thinking I would never go to college, and put my efforts into working as much as I could instead of studying.  When I graduated I enlisted in the Air Force. It was during the Vietnam war. I spent a year in Southeast Asia, fighting the secret war. That taught me a lot about how the military treats those who they wish to deny existed.  They ignore them. I have a lot of experience with the VA and would be glad to help those seeking benefits for service related conditions.  The military also taught me more about life, and yes it was a struggle.  It showed what happens to people put in impossible situations.  Many are similar to those we face in our personal life and careers.  I can guide you.

I went to college on the GI Bill and had work almost full time at minimum wage jobs to get through. Once again I used way more energy and time working than I should have. It taught me a lot about college and how to manage going to school and working, also not over loading yourself with course work when you don’t have time to study.  I know people who say they got through school without ever cracking a book.  I also know people who say they can flap their arms and fly.  If you are going to college while working or just out of high school and on your own, I have a lot of experience I can share to guide you.

In short in my lifetime I have seen and learned a lot. I have also found that knowledge is worth something if you use it to help others.  The purpose of this website is reach out to those who are challenged, and help them through the rough spots.  My initial goal was to become a life coach and charge, but so far all my clients are in no position to pay for advice, so I help them anyway.  I am asking for contributions to help defray the cost of maintaining the site, and other expenses incurred.  My goal is to get the site up to where it is generating enough revenue to become a non-profit so that I can do more for those who are facing personal and career challenges.

You can leave a comment or contact me  by e-mail at practical.mentor@gmail.com

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