Book Review: Thriving In The GIG Economy by Marion McGovern

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I am thankful for the invitation from Career Press to review Marion McGovern’s new book Thriving In The Gig Economy (How To Capitalize And Compete In The World Of Work)

Marion McGovern has been at the forefront of the evolution transforming the workplace from permanent employment with a company to a free-lance, contractor-consultant, based on demand labor pool. In her new book Thriving In The Gig Economy Marion translates what she has learned from her experience of morphing her career from an employee to a self-employed consultant, writer, and teacher into a how to book for those who are in or considering the working in the gig economy. It need not be a full time endeavor, as Marion points out Uber drivers are a prime example of the gig economy.

The term gig was adapted from the entertainment industry where it is defined as: “A single professional engagement, usually of short duration., as of jazz or rock musicians “ to mean “Any job, especially one of short or uncertain duration”. More and more of us are opting to go this route either by choice to gain control over how they spend their time, or by necessity to make a living in a rapidly changing workplace. I must I admit I did not know the extent of websites that match those with needed skills with those who need their services. These sites offer various degrees of vetting and range from dog walkers to CEOs. The more successful experience you gain the more marketable skills.

The knowledge presented in Thriving In The Gig Economy is an excellent source for those looking to work in the self-employed arena or those looking to use the services of gig workers. The book is very logically organized to lead the reader through the maze of issues and pitfalls that face those who are seeking to enter, are already working, or use or want to use the services of the gig economy. I recommend reading the book through to get the overall view of the issues of the gig economy, it is a great reference for getting a quick handle on issues and recommendations on where to go for help or more information. I must admit that all of my experience was with and employer, where there was a manager above you and available a support staff. Once I started the PracticaL Mentor I was on my own. In my experience a difficult boss was the number one problem facing workers. However many of the question and problems I receive are from self-employed gig workers who are their own boss. They need help with negotiating contracts, accounting and taxes, finding support services, etc. All things I took for granted. Thriving In the Gig Economy will remain on my desk as key reference in helping clients work through career issues.

While there are still many of us working or are looking for full time employment in traditional companies to gain health insurance and other benefits. Not surprisingly the marketplace is moving to accommodate the freelance worker with similar benefits. I was surprised to learn the extent of websites and companies that are dedicated to consultants, those working as independent contractors, and free-lancers. Even if you are not currently interested in participating in the gig economy, this book is a must read if you envision working post retirement. More and more of retired people are working in the gig economy.

The last two chapters of the book are dedicated to the future of the gig economy. Chapter 10 addresses policy and politics and Chapter 11 address the workplace and workers. While most crystal balls are fuzzy at best, these two chapters are extremely important to staying relevant in as the gig economy continues to evolve. This is an excellent book, well written, and very timely. I recommend to all who have an interest in the future of their career.


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Title: Thriving In The Gig Economy

Author: Marion McGovern

Publisher: CAREER PRESS INC, Wayne NJ

Pages: 222

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