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I am thankful for the invitation from Career Press to review Susanne M. Paling’s new book The Sales Leader’s Problem Solver.

The Sales Leader’s Problem Solver is directly aimed at the problems sales leaders encounter managing a sales group. Although focused on sales the advice, lessons, and methodology is used to address problems that frequently arise in all first line supervision and management positions. In my experience, sales is the crucible of business where the fortunes of a company are forged by the heat of competition, the anvil of a quality sales force, and the hammer of management. In my opinion, more than any other career field; leading a sales force is one of the toughest management jobs there is. Gaining insight on how to address the more serious problems a sales leader may face is like being handed the proverbial key to success. Susanne M. Paling does just that: hands us key solutions to some of the most perplexing problems she has encounter in her 25 years as a sales manager, consultant and coach.

Although focused on managing a sales force, The Sales Leader’s Problem Solver is applicable to all who are managers and aspiring managers. Having a solid guide to steer you through some of the most perplexing problems you may encounter from both upper management and those you manage is like having and ace in the hole. It will strengthen any hand you are dealt. Being prepared is very important when you are dealing with your career.

Susanne M. Paling draws on her 25 years experience of managing, consulting and coaching to present 15 real life scenarios encountered in sales departments. By realistically framing the problem so the reader can understand the issue and the gravity of the situation. For example, most management problems are usually more complex than a single issue such as poor sales. A more salient issue is why are there poor sales? I think Susanne does a great job, the analysis phase where using the tools of the trade she develops charts and graphs to pin point the problem. The analysis is accomplished in a manner that is not personal or biased and illuminates the problems. In addition, the analysis speaks for itself and can be easily understood when briefing upper management. Armed with the facts a plan must be formulated. This is where Susanne works her magic in coming up with solutions that accomplish management’s goals without overly offending the problem sales person(s). In most cases the analysis speaks for itself and the sales person readily sees and understands the problem. Once the problem and the supporting data are on the table, Susanne demonstrates how to navigate to a solution. Often she advises allowing the sales person(s) time to think over the analysis and suggest a solution. Although not fool proof, allowing the employee to help come up with a solution usually enables the problem to be solved in an amicable manner.

The step-by-step methodology enables managers in all professions to use it effectively to address situations that may arise with employees. From framing the problem to the conclusion, including suggested analysis, dialog with the employee, suggested wording for memos and documents and incorporation of wording in job descriptions and other documents to prevent the same situation from reoccurring. I can easily visualize The Sales Leader’s Problem Solver being adapted to all professions. I highly recommend The Sales Leader’s Problem Solver to all managers or those who what to be managers

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Title: The Sales Leader’s Problem Solver

Author: Suzanne M.Paling

Publisher: CAREER PRESS INC, Wayne NJ

Pages: 250

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