Guide On How To Cope With A Difficult Boss

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The PracticaL Mentor’s Guide On How To Cope With A Difficult Boss.


Thought all my years working part time after school, military service, college, and 37 years in the workforce, the number one problem encountered by my coworkers and me was a difficult boss. For the last few years I have been giving advice on Yahoo answers, and on my website regarding workplace challenges. Over and over the number one challenge is a difficult boss.

Before starting to write this guide, I researched the Internet to gauge the trends of workplace challenges. Once again, difficult boss came up to be the number one problem with 59,900,000 returns for the search term difficult boss.

With so many articles, books, and guides giving advice on dealing with difficult bosses, what could be new or different? The answer is simple. I’ve read a lot of the material on how to deal with the challenge of a difficult boss. Over the span of my career it seemed like I seldom got on really well with my boss. I did have some outstanding bosses, but by in large the majority all had some varying degree of difficulty. Through experience and observing the experiences of others, I have developed a practical and pragmatic approach to dealing with all levels of a difficult boss. Learning to deal with any level of difficulty with the boss is worth it weight in cold hard cash, for all of our raises, bonuses, and promotions hinge largely on the recommendations of the boss. Most often when engaged in a challenge with a difficult boss, the employee is portrayed as a victim.

Although most difficult boss situations have a lot in common, all are as unique as the personalities involved. While this guide gives basic strategies for dealing with a difficult boss, you will have to develop a specific action plan to meet your situation and personality. Armed with the basics in this guide you should be able to turn a difficult boss into a working relationship. There is no magic, and it is hard work, but your career is worth it.

Take a look around the office. Who gets all the choice assignments, promotions, big bonuses, best performance reviews, the choice office space, and the most personal freedom on the job? The answer is, “The guy who gets along best with the boss.” No matter how difficult the boss, there always seems to be one person on staff who strikes up a really close and friendly relationship with the boss. If they can turn a bad situation around, so can you.

The PracticaL Mentor

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