About this Theme

    This theme was originally inspired by the great magazine style themes of Brian Gardner and Darren Hoyt. I took those elements that I liked the most in every theme and combined them together in one single theme. The different page templates are inspired by Brian Gardners "Revolution" theme, the use of custom fields is something I first recognized at "Mimbo" by Darren Hoyt. The Tabbed section in this version is done by using ui.tabs by Klaus Hartl (stilbuero.de).

    The Name of the theme was inspired by the famous American jazz sax-player, Branford Marsalis. Although I´m German, I decided to present this theme in english in order to make it available for a greater audience.

    This is my very first WP-Theme and if you detect any bugs, please let me know. If you use this theme, please let me also know and make sure the copyright remains as it is.

    Find further information, tutorials, support forum, demo and download on my Website.

    Important information!

    In this demo you might encounter issues or features that do not occur or are not available in the version you´ve downloaded. This is just because I work on the theme to enhance it from time to time and I use this area for smaller changes of upcoming versions.

    So what you see here is the future somehow...isn´t that amazing ;-)

    Find further information, tutorials, support forum, demo and download on my Website.


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